Flying like a dragonfly





1 – An editor of the English language with the best proofing eyes.
2 – An editor who exudes professionalism and knowledge about her profession.
3 – A writing mentor who provides the spark and incentive to complete projects.
4 – A dedicated and creative journalist.
5 – Bringer of enlightenment, information, and positive energy to all who call on her.
6 – A conduit between businesses and readers.
7 – One who possesses vast knowledge of technology and current marketing needs.
8 – The personification of a communications guru.
9 – A Muse finder.
10 – She’s a Word Magician!


  • Whenever I turned a story into MaryBrotherton, I had complete faith the story would be edited, not just for spelling and grammar, but for the occasional missing word or factual clarification.
  • MaryBrotherton is an inspiration to all of us who know her and look up to her and want to be more like her.
  • Equal parts editor, coach and inspiration MaryBrotherton is a muse finder.
  • They are your thoughts; MaryBrotherton makes sure they are clear to everyone.

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I help make your thoughts clear to everyone.
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