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 Rochelle's testimony


  • Meagan Scaringe, Director of Marketing and Communication at the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit :  I worked with Mary at Senior Life, where she was editor. Mary taught me editing techniques and writing lessons that have allowed me to grow in my career. She produces excellent work, and she is friendly and congenial while doing so. She would be a creative and valuable asset to any organization.


  • Laurance Davis III, Mechanical Design Engineer and Novelist:  Mary is a supportive and talented editor.


  • Liana Kangas, artist: I met Mary when she owned and facilitated a company many years ago. She is super pleasant, a hoot, and I loved being around her! Her business was one of my favorites, and she is an excellent writer.
  • Aliona Groh, Embraer Executive Jets: I met Mary shortly after I started working at Hoyman Dobson. What impresses me the most about Mary is her creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Mary represents an unlimited flow of positive energy and is just a pure joy to have around. She is very passionate about writing and photography and her passion is quite infectious. I also worked with Mary on highlighting Habitat for Humanity Women Build.
  • Katherine Johnson, Founder of Friends for Animals Sanctuary: Mary is BRILLIANT! She was quickly able to put my thoughts into words, far moire eloquently than I could, but she said exactly what I felt. She is an amazing writer and editor and publicist!
  • Samuel Haddad Sr., Vice President at Haddad Management Advisors LLC:  I was so fortunate and blessed to meet Mary while she was with Bluewater Creative Group. Personally, she is a rare gem who spends her days caring for those around her, always looking for what she can do for others. Professionally, I have never met someone so dedicated to detail and perfection, but she delivers these admirable qualities with humility and kindness. For me, she took someone with a dream of writing a humor column and guided me through the process, helping me smooth the rough edges, but always in a positive and encouraging manner. I never felt more comfortable and motivated around someone so far above me in any profession I have been involved with. For anyone who is considering hiring this special individual I would offer my most sincere and full support for her. Your company could not pick a better person. I stand available for anyone considering Mary for employment to contact me for a reference.
  • H.V. Rhodes, NASA Safety Engineer and author of The Brain Dead Manager:  Mary Brotherton has vision and the capability to execute it, as shown below.

VISION: Initiated a critique group by selecting four talented but struggling individuals from a larger group.

EXECUTION: Recruited each member and accomplished the necessary logistics of bringing this group together in a common location at regular intervals to form a critical mass.

CAPABILITY: Her demonstrated editorial skills directly contributed to several professional contracts being secured by members of the critique group she formed.

  •  Chrys Brennan MA, RD, LD/N, author Healing Strategies for the Genius:  Mary worked with three of us with no problems at all – she merged yourself with our unique personalities to give our book a more single tone; no easy task. She plays well with others. Even many others. And equally well one-on-one. She  never loses sight of the fact that this is another author’s work – yet she adds so much to it, enriches it. She gives writing a reality check – how does this play to the average reader? She is equal parts editor, coach and inspiration.

Let Mary define your muse. Unleash your muse. Then entrust it with Mary for publication preparation. Writer’s cramp? Feeling stuck? Mary will give your copy wings and a fresh writer’s perspective. She provides the spark and incentive that helps you finish chapters.

  • Cathy Bucklin, Owner Styles on Wheels:  Mary Brotherton can make things happen!
  • J.J. White, Author:  If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be a writer.
  • Carl Kotala, Sports Writer at AJC, ESPN, Gannett, Viera Voice:  As a writer, it’s always important to have an editor you can trust, because while I’m a perfectionist … I’m not perfect.

Whenever I turned a story into Mary Brotherton, I had complete faith the story would be edited, not just for spelling and grammar, but for the occasional missing word or factual clarification. She seemed to care about every story she edited, which is not something I can say about all the editors I have had throughout my 30-year career.

I worked with Mary for several years, and would gladly work with her again. I spend a lot of time reading online and there are a number of times when, after finishing a story, I wonder, “who in the heck edited this” because I find all kinds of mistakes that somehow made it through the editing process.  That won’t happen with Mary.

  • Artemis Jones, Novelist:  I’ve referred your name to several people.  I think you do a great job.
  • Anthony Gabriel – Cheerioo Grams Entertainment:  If anybody can tackle a dinosaur and a tiger at at the same time, it would be Mary.
  • Ash Ambirge, House of Moxie:  Best line ever!


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