I help make your thoughts clear to everyone.

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I specialize in taking your thoughts and making them clear to others. This can be in the form of a proofreader or editor to catch mistakes or as a writer, working to help transform you into the genius you already are.

Editing Services

My mother told me I edited cereal boxes with crayons. 

Check for context

Check for focus and structure

Copyedit your text for clarity, organization and development of ideas

Correct all spelling, punctuation, grammar errors and typos adhering to your chosen Style

This includes checking sentence structure for run-on sentences or illogical sentence fragments, punctuation and quotation marks, subject/verb agreements, common usage, capitalization, verb tenses, structure, theme, organization, passive language and if the text is appropriate for the intended audience.

Ensure the text fulfills its intended purpose (sells, tells a story, answers a question, or conveys a message)

Examine style and organization

Fact-check, including thesis citations

Follow characters for inconsistencies

Identify the plot or alert author if no plot is clear

Inspect for format changes

Line-by-line edits for typos, misspelled words, mechanical errors, duplicate words


Review of marketing and advertising materials

Reality Checks

Sanity Checks

Word choice and redundancy/repetition checks

Offer additional or substitute words, phrases, clauses or sentences if necessary

Email me to discuss how I can help make your writing project the best it can be.

Who uses my editing service?

I’m honored when writers entrust their work to me for scrutiny and clarity.

  • Novelists, documentary writers, poets, memoirists and authors of how-to and other non-fiction books
  • Public relations firms
  • Playwrights, scriptwriters, scenarists
  • Graduate and doctoral students working on their theses and dissertations
  • Business people who want an unbiased and confidential pair of eyes on their blogs and certain communications
  • Bloggers
  • Journalists and reporters
  • Anyone who needs to make an informal speech
  • Anyone who wants to be sure what they have written conveys the messages they want



Writing Services

About Pages

Advetorials and advertisement copy

Book Proposals

Business Plans

Case Studies

Company Profiles

Emails that matter

Guest or Ghost Posts on your blog

Marketing materials


Press Releases

Product Descriptions

Profiles for Social Media, including Dating sites

Query Letters


Success Stories

Thank you notes and letters

Wedding Toasts

Email me to learn how I will pursue your writing objectives as if they were mine.


Who uses my writing services?

  • Business owners who need help establishing themselves as the experts in their field, because they know how to do what they do, but may not know how to write about it.
  • Public Relations firms that need extra help behind the scenes on special projects
  • Bloggers who want to use a ghost writer or guest writer
  • Nervous brides and grooms or their guests who want to make speeches
  • Business people who need to make speeches for special events
  • Website owners struggling to find the perfect words to portray unique personalities of their business
  • Authors struggling to condense their books into summaries, query letters or synopses

Research Services

Online and in-library research with or without references

Search for photographs for use online

Research your online presence

Research your competition’s  online presence

Other customized research


Who uses my research services?

  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Novelists
  • Non-fiction writers
  • Publishers
  • Entrepreneurs

Learn how I can ease your research needs.




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