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My Policies


  • I require a 25% deposit before beginning any project unless we have negotiated alternative payment options.


  • Payment is expected for services rendered. In full. On time. No excuses.


  • I will accept payment installments if we negotiate this before I start on your project.


  • You cannot change payment plans once I have begun but you can change plans for each new project.


  • If I cannot deliver as promised, I will alert you. We will discuss, at that time, if we need to renegotiate my fee or extend the deadline. You are still expected to pay for services rendered up to that point.


  • If you cancel a writing project for any reason after submitting your files, you must pay a Kill Fee of 30% of the total fee for that project.


  • If you cancel an editing project after work has begun, you are expected to pay for the hours of service up to that point you communicate your decision for me to stop working on the project. The work will stop and no further fees will incur.


  • I do not guarantee anything beyond the fact that I will work for you diligently and honestly, to the best of my ability.


  • Regardless of our relationship, you are not exempt from paying me for my work once we agree on a project.


  • I do not issue refunds for services rendered.


  • At your request, I will send you a sample of past editing projects.


  • I will not work for a percentage of your book’s sales proceeds.


  • If I want to co-author a book with you, I will initiate the subject.


  • Research-based writing is always billed at the hourly rate of $35.


  • Please check my FAQ before asking for free editing advice. I provide free Writing Tips to all who sign up to receive them.

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