I help make your thoughts clear to everyone.


  • The bottom line: I charge $35 an hour for Substantive Editing. Depending on what I find, this roughly translates to 2 to 6 pages per hour.
    • My per page rate is $15 for the same in-depth editing with detailed explanation and suggestions for improvement.
    • You cannot change methods of payment once I begin your project, but you can change for subsequent projects.
    • One page is as important as 100,000.
    • Pages must be double spaced, one inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman font.
    • I offer discounts for returning writers.
    • Email me today, to discuss your project.


  • If you feel more comfortable knowing up front how much my hourly rate will cost you, send me a three-page sample of your unedited work, I’ll be able to estimate how long it might take to complete the project. The estimate is based on your sample, so send me your worst work related to the project.
  • At the per page rate, which is often higher than my hourly rate, a novel with 80,000 words (350 pages) will cost $5,250 to edit and includes my detailed comments for improvement.
    • I use Chicago Manual of Style to edit novels, unless you request otherwise.
    • If you know you are a strong writer, using the per hour plan will probably serve you best but you are free to request the per page rate.
    • I offer discounts for writers who retain me for subsequent works.
    • Email me today, to discuss your project.


  • At the per page rate, a 200-page dissertation will cost a flat $3,000 to edit  and includes citation verification, redundancy check with options provided to alleviate this, and format checks, according to APA Style.


  • Ongoing business editing rates must be negotiated. I provide sanity checks to help you maintain your professional standing and to ensure your online presence aligns with your business’ mission.




  • Repeat clients always qualify for discounts.


  • A deposit/retainer is always required. This may be made via PayPal or with a certified check, money order, cash or gold coins. Heck! I’ll take it in nickels.
  • With or without a deposit, all work is done on the first-come, first-served basis.
    • I will invoice you for final payment when the project is complete.
  • Ask about discounts for paying in full before work begins. If you choose to pay in advance, I will send you a paid invoice with the final edits.

Email me to discuss your writing project.

As your editor, I will work to make your project the best it can be, based on style guides and current best practices. 

I will pursue your objectives as if they were my own.





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